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In the clinical scope, HPB offers services in the areas of:


Do you want to know the predispositions that your genetic profile presents to better prevent and take care of your health?

Do you want to assess your health level to define a healthier lifestyle?


Would you like to have an eating plan tailored to your genetics?

Would you like to have a food plan to boost your health and brain activity?


kettlebell Workout

Would you like to have a training plan tailored to your goals?

Do you have a neurodegenerative disorder and would like to have an adjusted training plan to continue stimulating your body and brain?


Would you like to understand/change any of your behaviors ?

I would like to  evaluate your ability to manage emotions ?


Do you have difficulty sleeping?

Does it take a long time to fall asleep?

Do you suffer from insomnia?


Do you have chronic pain or do you often have pain in some part of your body that bothers you?

Would you like to better understand the source of frequent pain?


Would you like to assess your lifestyle?

I would like to know which area  that can improve, to have a better  health?

Mulher madura de sorriso com cabelo cinz

Would you like to keep your brain healthy as you age?

  Would you like to maintain your fitness as you age?


Would you like to reduce your stress levels?

Do you have frequent panic or anxiety attacks?


Do you experience cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties ?

Do you experience problems with memory, attention or  concentration ?

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