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What people say.

Cristina Paulo

The workshop was very useful not only in professional terms, but also on a personal level. It helped me to believe that even in situations where everything seems to be lost, it is still possible to believe. The training was productive for the content transmitted and for the excellence of its transmission, being able to enhance the life of any person, regardless of their professional activity, for which I strongly recommend. A Good Wish to the Teacher! Thank you!


Although I was not the best coachee, I want you to know that the little you worked with me was in such a way that it remained. I am not as methodical as they wanted me to be, but with the method and organization I am managing to fulfill my goals and that I owe you for helping me. I could have improved more if I had worked harder, but what remains is having brutal results. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Lilian Dienel

As for the past Workshop, I really enjoyed the training.

The content itself is so vast that it is worth summarizing in such a short time.

The interaction with the audience was very good, it was dynamic, fun and reflective.

The idea of teas and good foods for the brain was brilliant.

Celina Oliveira

I was in Faro yesterday at the Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity workshop, and of course, I loved it due to the content and the excellent quality of the instructor.

Nuno Santos

I was in Faro yesterday, at the Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity workshop and of course, for the content and excellent quality of the trainer, I loved it.

João Pereira

Very interesting, he addressed topics that I do not master. In due course I will be interested in participating in one of the next courses.

Paulo Robles

Find your essence, and look for the way, your way. Congratulations.

Geisi Ramos

Really enjoyed. Enough clarifier.

Sara Coimbra

I really enjoyed meeting and learning a little more about neuroplasticity.


Important, necessary, pertinent information.

Isabella Silva


Rita Gomes

Interesting and surprising

Nuno Santos

Theoretical and practical workshop of the highest interest., Dynamic and engaging., I strongly recommend it to everyone, especially to anyone working in the areas of health, well-being and people in general.

Maria Figueiredo

Brutal: D

Cláudia Valente

I liked the training. I found it difficult to keep up with the speed of information given in terms of physiology and anatomy, I would have to study and solidify some knowledge to follow this training effectively. The enthusiasm of the trainer exists and is well known.

Ana Maria Marques

I liked more dynamics on the first day, in order to keep the levels of attention more active. It is a dense and complex matter. The video presentations, be in Portuguese in order not to lose information. There are many technical terms that are lost. Thank you and I'll be back. Congratulations José Carvalho Beijinhos

Lilien Dienel

I was sorry I didn't come on the first day. A lot of good information, I will try to apply the knowledge in my day to day and for my clients.

Workshop Inf. Funchal

  • Essential workshop to understand the role of Neuroplasticity in the development of our skills, abilities and health. "Patrícia Barreira"

  • I really liked the dynamics and the joint information with examples that make us better understand all the information and assimilate the implications and consequences of our routines. It became the “pet” to know more and more.

  • I really enjoyed this experience and I intend to continue training my brain and attending your workshops. It was definitely not a bad experience. I congratulate you on the excellent presentation of the topics and the accessible way of communicating. "Luísa Pessanha"

  • A well designed and executed workshop! "Linda Petito"

  • Important notions about the topic, slides with good content, and with study material. Feel free to know more. "Márcia Roda"

  • It was very productive. Thanks. "Cátia Nóbrega".

  • Congratulations ! Perhaps too specific for civil society in general. I appreciate the course held in Madeira

  • It was a very informative workshop, I really liked "Beatriz"

  • Thanks for sharing

Workshop Inf. Ponta Delgada

  • I think the informational workshop was very interesting, however the PowerPoint content was very dense. suggested making grams flow in order to simplify the information "Rita Arruda"

  • Hello! Today it was a kind of concentrate of knowledge that will be diluted with some investment in time and research. "Elisabete"

  • I enjoyed the workshop! I hope to train my brain plasticity! Well there are these initiatives! Thank you! "Célia Domingos"

  • Workshop with very interesting content and very useful in day-to-day. It was 4 hours that passed quickly. "Diogo Madeira"

  • The workshop was very interesting and with very useful content at all levels!! "Dianne Mendonça"

  • Diversity of new information. New fields to search. Thanks. "Alexandra"

  • I found very interesting. The topic addressed in addition to being innovative is of high importance. I was very interested in the course. "Lara Faustino"

  • I liked the diversity of the theme and the interaction that nutrition and neuroplasticity exercises promote in brain regeneration. "Rita Pereira"

  • Congratulations on the content and communication. "Margarida Palma"

  • Enriching and useful. "Romina City"

  • Thanks

  • Very interesting . "Joseph"

  • Gratifying. "Aida"

  • Thank you! "Ricardo Baptista"

WKS Pain, Stress Anxiety Faro

  • I think the topic is very interesting, relevant, comprehensive and transversal. The dynamics and exercises can be very useful for the daily life of the trainees, so I suggested a greater increment of them. As an improvement, I also suggest changing the entire information to Portuguese, so that there is a greater use by all trainees. "Vera Vieira de Almeida"

  • The workshop was very interesting, I wanted to participate in the next ones. In addition to the content, the advisor counts a lot, thanks José. "Ermelinda Pinto"

  • Quite interesting, in terms of knowledge and practices. Complementary information for trainees will be a perfect complement. Suggestion: lighter slides at the level of the text "Celina Mealha"

  • Brutal! I really liked it and I want to receive info about the course, because I intend to do it, however, the issue of values ​​is very important. However, I would like to leave the suggestion of a workshop addressing the sexual issue. Thank you very much, José. "Nádia Oliveira"

  • If you don't use it, you lose it, very rich information, complete and complex for the duration .. Top working group and training. "Nuno Santos"

  • I will come back? Kisses

  • Based on the principle of pseudopsychiatrist João dos Santos that all learning happens based on pleasure, I can say that I was delighted! "Susana Neves"

  • It was undoubtedly a productive workshop with new and pertinent information. It came to open up a range of possibilities to change my professional approach. Of great personal contribution as well. Well-be! Nelma


  • I loved it and am available to learn more about these matters. I will participate in other initiatives. Evolving is an unfinished task. Grateful for this opportunity and wishes for continuation and success. I dedicate myself to training emotions and I am frankly committed to improving my performance. Ivone Vinha:

  • I really enjoyed the workshop. I was much more enlightened and informed about the functioning of the human nervous system and my interest and curiosity increased in this area so interesting that it is the neuroscience Artur Nunes

  • Good posture of the trainer, of course. Good contribution to my formation Rosário

  • Themes very well presented and with good dynamics between the contents and the exercises. It was possible to consolidate old knowledge, demystify myths and learn new things about different exercises that we can put into practice. It was motivating to put some changes into practice. Excellent trainer. Thank you! Catarina Bastos

  • Very useful for acquiring new knowledge and mental training. AM

  • Gratitude for all the knowledge shared, for the interests aroused by this area that will be very useful for me and for my day-to-day and to support those I care for. Ricardo Fonseca

Lisbon Training Workshop

  • I would like to attend a workshop and eventually the course (eventually, because I still don't have enough course info). The overall classification of the course is not so much related to the course itself, but to the light conditions of the room, and the lack of support on the chairs to take notes. The course was excellent, the topics covered were excellent in terms of material and presentation of the information very coherent and logical and well structured, although it considers the ppt with too much information per ppt, and the letter must be smaller, which makes reading difficult. 5 star presenter and with great patience !. "Helena Resende"

  • There were interesting themes and fun games! I appreciate José's dedication and good disposition. "Teresa"

  • Undoubtedly, after these two days of neuroplasticity workshops, I will apply it in my daily life and pass the testimony so that we can improve our quality of life. MENTE SA CORPO SÃO :-) "Lídia Franco"

  • Very useful, very rewarding the time invested will mean a change in our present and future life. I strongly advise. "Susana Pronto"

  • The workshop was very interesting, made me reflect and guided me to enhance my skills and help prevent health issues. "Inês Silva"

  • Very useful, interesting, enriching. Depending on the subjects / areas, I will be interested in participating in either a workshop or a course. Thank you for sharing. "Rita"

  • Very good. Great dynamics, super appealing content. Thank you "Teresa"

Açores Training Workshop

  • It was a very constructive workshop, it allowed me to reformulate myself to acquire new perspectives on the way of looking at life. Well there! "Leonilda"

  • Great Workshop combining theory and practice that leads us to put our knowledge on a daily basis. "Rita":

  • It was interesting, especially the part of neurotransmitters and nutrition and neuroplasticity exercises. Thank you all! Kisses! "Raquel"

  • I found the workshop very complete !! I strongly recommend it! "Dianne Mendonça"

  • Brutal .. from the content to the way it was delivered! "Nuno Bola"

  • I really liked it, it exceeded all expectations and will be very useful for the path of well-being and happiness. "Sandra Âmbar"

  • Much gratitude for all the information spent and for your friendliness. "Conceição Vilaça"

  • It was a very good opportunity to give the mind new tools to achieve personal goals that seemed distant. "Margarida Veiga"

Workshop Inf. Lisboa

WKS Inf. Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity Coimbra

  • It was a very good workshop! I appreciated all the information related to Neuroplasticity that motivated me to go deeper. Much like and thank you! "Piedade S. Forte"

  • Very interesting, because it awakens to a different awareness and makes me want to apply what I have learned and encourage my clients, family and friends. "Maria Rodrigues"

  • I enjoyed participating in this workshop, it was very interesting and met expectations! "Catarina Viegas"

  • A very interesting workshop. It makes you want to deepen your knowledge. I look forward to new workshops. Only negative point: it was a short time (5h) for such an interesting topic. "Stéphanie Costa"

  • Enriching and innovative training. Opens in new horizons. Thanks. "Catarina Pires."

  • I found it quite pertinent, especially with regard to the type of exercises that can be done to train "the brain" as well as food issues. "Telma Teixeira"

  • I liked it, I really like this area and this workshop helped me to consolidate knowledge and acquire new ones. "Mariana Plácito"

  • Very good and useful training. Thank you very much. "André Ferreira"

  • Very useful information. Grateful for the information provided. "Sandra Gaspar"

Workshop Neurosciences and Neuroplasticity in Gaia

  • "I really liked it." Perla Franco

  • "Useful for refreshing concepts and acquiring new knowledge that promote the improvement of our performance as professionals, but also the continuity of self-literacy and personal appreciation. Thank you!" Sara Brás

  • "It was interesting and useful. New knowledge, no doubt, on a personal level, essentially. However, there was a little lack of exploration of neuroplasticity more specifically in the area of ​​physical exercise. In other words, the area of ​​psychology and nutrition was greatly and well addressed. The physical exercise was left to be explored, in depth and in a concrete way. Thank you, " Inês Branco


  • "I liked the workshop, however I hoped there would be a greater component redirected to the area of ​​physical exercise and not so incident in the area of ​​psychology. I think there was a lack of information in this area." Joana

  • "Rigorous and technical workshop giving a global perspective on the functioning and interconnection of the various components that interact with our reactions, emotions and thoughts." Sofia Calamote

  • "Workshop full of validated and essential information for professional practice. Congratulations." Sónia Teixeira

Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity Workshop in Lisbon

  • "Fascinating and extremely useful course not only for me but also for my students. I wish I had more practice and more information." Roberta Detotto

  • "Complete workshop, allowing the exposition of doubts and increasing the desire to raise my quality of life." Daniela Lopes

  • "It has considerably enhanced my knowledge to better manage my health problems, in addition to acquiring new positive ways of dealing with my employees. It has greatly increased my knowledge for the role I play at SerOptimal." Adelino Moreira

  • "This course allowed the development of new learning in order to improve my quality of life and I therefore strongly recommend it." Hortense Cotrim

  • "A workshop where I was able to further increase my desire to increase knowledge in this area. Well exposed Very clear Very appealing." Conceição Raposo


  • "I consider the Workshop to be very well structured and complete. An excellent way of transmitting knowledge of the brain and inherent subjects." Clara Coelho

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