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José Carvalho

Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Therapist, Speaker / Teacher

  • Medical neuroscientist, teacher and therapist, specialized in medical neurosciences, neuroplasticity, metaplasticity

  • Brain stimulation, electrostimulation (EMS) and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) therapist

  • Researcher, medical neuroscientist and clinical therapist at HPB in the fields of ​​neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, genetic testing, inmmunology, covid-19 rehabilitation and neuroimaging

  • Coach and Mentor with experience in high performance people and teams, in the fields of health, sport, business, education and personal, with extensive experience at the international level.

  • Member WFMH - World Federation for Mental Health

  • Member BSLM - British Society of Lifestyle Medicine


  • Specialization in Immunology - Novel Therapies for Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmunity and Allergy​ - Harvard Medical School , USA

  • Specialization in Genetics-Genetic Testing and Sequencing Technologies - Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Specialization in Rehabilitation of Patients with COVID-19 - WHO on Health Emergencies Programme, Switzerland

  • Specialization in Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging - Jonhs Hopkins University, USA

  • rTMS Course - Kandel, Brasil

  • Good Clinical Pratices License/Course-  NIDA, USA

  • Urgency and Emergency Course - Bwizer, Portugal

  • Specialization in Introduction to Clinical Neurology - University California San Francisco (UCSF), USA

  • Degree in Medical Neurosciences - Duke University, USA

  • Neuroscience and Education Course - Uníntese, Brasil

  • Certification Executive Coaching - Coaching Madrid, Espanha

  • Certification Sports Coaching - Coaching Madrid, Espanha

  • Post-graduation in High Competition Training Management - University of Liverpool, UK

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Ana Filipa Silva

University Lecturer, Researcher, Professor of Swimming and Fitness Instructor, Speaker

  • Lecturer in Learning and Motor Development, Exercise Prescription and Theory of Sports Training, Introduction to Scientific Research

  • Teacher and researcher in the field of Motor Development and Learning, Training of young people.

  • Fitness instructor (water aerobics, group classes and personalized training) and swimming.

  • Researcher at The Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development (CIDESD), Portugal.


  • Degree in Physical Education and Sport, Instituto Universitário da Maia, ISMAI, Portugal

  • Master's Degree in Sport for Children and Youth, Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, FADEUP, Portugal

  • PhD in Sport Science, Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, FADEUP, Portugal

  • Certificate in Neurology and Sports Performance, Braça Innovation HUB

  • Level I Swimming Coach

  • Personal Trainer Course, CEFAD, Portugal

  • Fitness and Group Activities Course, CEFAD,  Portugal

  • Course of Aquatic Activities and Hydrogymnastics, CEFAD,  Portugal


Mohammad Nami

Doctor, University Professor, Researcher, Speaker

  • MD, PhD, Medical/Cognitive Neuroscientist

  • Neuromodulation, Neurotech Lead,

  • Sleep Disorders Fellow and CPSGT,

  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,

  • Neuroscience Center, INDICASAT, Panama City

  • Founding Chair, NeuroLabs International, DBHI

  • Harvard Medical School Alumnus, EWHC, Boston, MA

  • Member | Harvard Alumni for Mental Health, Harvard University

  • Visiting Professor, SBMT, Brain Mapping Foundation, LA, CA


  • Director | Brain, Cognition and Behavior Unit, Department of Neuroscience, School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz

  • Adjunct Faculty, Neuroscience Center, INDICASAT-AIP, Panama City, Republic of Panama 

  • Visiting Professor at the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) and Brain Mapping Foundation, LA, CA

  • EWHC, Harvard Medical School, Postgraduate Medical Education Program, 2020-2021, HMS-PGME, Boston, MA 

  • Director| Dana Brain Health Institute, Iranian Neuroscience Society-Fars Chapter, Shiraz

  • Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Cognitive Science Studies, Tehran

  • Ad-Board in Neuroscience, National Brain Mapping Laboratory, Tehran 

  • Medical Advisor, Swiss Alternative Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Teaching Faculty, Innoscience China, Chinese Academy of Science

  • Adjunct Faculty, ZKIN School, Beijing, China 

  • Academy of Health, Senses Cultural Foundation, Sacramento, CA 

  • Honorary Adjunct Distinguished Scientist, Techno India NJR, Institute of Technology, Udaipur, Indis

  • Honorary Adjunct Distinguished Professor of Eminence of DAAI Laboratory, Thu Dau Mot university, Vietnam 

  • Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Adv. Med. Sci and Appl. Tech, SUMS

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease


João Rodrigues

Doctor of General practitioner, family health medicine


Guzel Bikbova

  • PhD in Medical Sciences

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Investigator

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Magda Roma

Clinical Nutritionist

  • Clinical nutritionist, since 2004.

  • Manager and trainer in workshops and courses on vegetarian cooking and health, since 2013.

  • Consultant in nutrition and menu planning - catering, childcare and ipss, since 2015.

  • Community awareness actions and lectures in municipalities and companies, since 2005.

  • Consultant in the development of new food products, since 2005.

  • Participation in national and international in-person and online congresses, since 2010.

  • Creator of the concept of providing health services in a pharmaceutical environment: FEM.MR (9 years old).

  • Director of quality control in the meat industry (4 years).

  • Auditor in HACCP - catering and industry (4 years).

  • Kitchen course teacher - SCML (2 years).

  • Research and Development Director - Grupo Persona (1 year).

  • Nutritionist in a hospital environment - Caxias Prison Hospital (9 months).

  • Nutritionist and HSE - CIS catering (8 months) - Mozambique.


  • Graduated in Nutrition and Food Engineering, by the Higher Institute of Health Sciences Egas Moniz.

  • Post-graduation in Health and Aging, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

  • Specialization in Plant-based food, by Cornell University (USA).

  • Integration to post-graduation in Orthomolecular Nutrition in 2019, ongoing.

  • Integration in the specialization course in Functional Nutrition in 2020, ongoing.

  • Several professional courses in the most varied areas of intervention in the community.

  • Certified trainer.

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Overkleeft Sight

Lifestyle and Leadership Coach | Lecturer:

  • Life- & lifestyle coaching educations on different areas 

  • Positive Psychology 

  • Sport training, NL-actief

  • Believes in a holistic health approach

  • Approaches vitality from a personal leadership perspective


  • High school sport teacher

  • High school teacher lifestyle

  • Guest lecturer 'weekendschool'

  • Lecturer Nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching, child and nutrition 

  • > lifestyle programs for consumers

  • > lifestyle programs for companies 

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Carina Lobato Faria


  • Supervisor in the development of clinical psychologists and tutor of intern psychologists.

  • Teacher trainer certified by the Scientific and Pedagogical Council for Continuing Education of Braga since 2010, teaching in the areas of Neuroeducation, Inclusive Education, Special Educational Needs, Universal Design for learning and Pedagogical Differentiation.

  • Scientific Consultant in several communication channels, author of the book "Intervention in Clinical Psychology": PACTOR, 2019.


  • Clinical and Health Psychologist, Effective Member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, with an Advanced Specialty degree, in Neuropsychology, Special Educational Needs and Psychotherapy.

  • Post-graduated in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuropsychology. ~

  • Specialization in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

  • Master in Educational Sciences.

  • Post-graduation in Coordination and Management of Training and Specialization in Pedagogical Supervision.

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Sofia Aguiar


  •  Neuropsychologist at the Neurology Service of Hospital Central do Funchal, SESARAM

  • Specialized and certified in Clinical and Health Psychology and in Neuropsychology, by the Portuguese Psychologists Order

  • Clinical and Health Psychologist “Europsy”, certified by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations

  • Personal development trainer

  • Professor in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology in specialization and postgraduate courses

  • Consultant in research projects in the field of psychology; responsible for research protocols in hospital care in the areas of neuropsychological assessment in Aging and Dementia and neuropsychological rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury


  • Degree in Psychology from the University of Coimbra

  • Advanced Studies in Psychobiology with a degree of Research Sufficiency in Clinical Neuropsychology by the University of Salamanca

  • Specialization course in Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity (ongoing)

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Raquel Sofia Botelho



  • Degree in psychology.

  • Postgraduate in Art Therapy and Art Psychotherapy.

  • Training in artistic expression.

  • Training in neurodevelopment.

  • Training in Psychological Assessment and Mental Health

  • Gender Equality Training

  • Crisis Intervention Training

  • Training in Sexology 

Invited speakers
Professor Jagannatha Rao
  • Director and Professor at the Institute for Scientific Research and Technology Services in the Republic of Panama

  • Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics, UTHSc, Houston

  • Invited researcher at the University of Siena, Italy (1987), University of Virginia, USA (1996-1998, 2000), Medical University of South Carolina, (2007)

Professor Amir Sharafkhane

Professor in the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Medicine and Sleep Medicine Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX, USA

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