The genetics consultation has two different spheres, one of which is to interpret the

results of genetic tests in order to evaluate and develop a health plan

preventive. Another scope is to carry out a genetic genealogy assessment in order to prevent and identify monogenic diseases, these are diseases characterized by being transmitted from generation to generation, that is, from parents to children, in the offspring and which may or may not manifest at some point in their lives. lives.

The genetic test allows to identify the propensities for the development of pathologies (neurodegenerative diseases and others), the genetic nutritional and athletic performance profile and food intolerances.

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The result obtained, called a genetic profile, is unique for each individual and can contribute decisively to the development of a personalized nutritional plan and / or an adapted physical exercise plan and / or a healthy lifestyle.

We'll find out what your genes say in the nutrigenetics test about:

  • Your body - Find out what the genetic predisposition is for your body composition, Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-hip ratio, abdominal fat, insulin resistance, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, appetite control

  • Your diet - Find out what the ideal nutritional action plan for your body is. Carbohydrates, fibers, fats, proteins, vitamins, salt, caffeine.

  • Your behavior - Find out which behavioral action plan is ideal for healthy weight management. Control of appetite, sleep, physical exercise.

  • Check if there is a propensity for the development of any neurodegenerative disease or other

We'll find out what your genes say in the athletic performance test about:

  • Maximum athletic potential - This genetic test analyzes the DNA to evaluate 43 genetic variants of 33 genes. It is 99% accurate and only needs to be done once in a lifetime. This test identifies the athletic genetic profile in order to inform about the athletic potential, as well as preventive measures and needs. The recommendations provided in the report can be used to guide you and your trainer to optimize your training plan. Comprehensive areas: explosive strength, endurance, resilient strength, VO2max, propensity for injuries, recovery needs, energy replacement needs, muscle gain.

We'll find out what your genes say in the pharmacogenic test about:

  • Your body's response to drugs - Assess your response to medication, allowing you to personalize your prescription more safely, more effectively and with a better cost-benefit for treatment. This genetic test analyses your DNA in order to evaluate 88 variants in 32 genes, associated with the response and/ or the risk of adverse effects of more than 100 medications with an impact in therapeutic areas such as Psychiatry, Pain Management, Oncology, Diabetes and Cardiovascular. Additionally, it assesses variations in the number of copies of the CYP2D6 gene, taking into account the presence of hybrid alleles with the CYP2D7 gene.

Take this test, find out your genetic propensities and use them preventively in your health


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