Physical exercise

kettlebell Workout

Physical inactivity is considered one of the main risk factors for chronic

non-communicable diseases. Due to the great commitment that the it can cause,

it is currently considered a public health problem and by many health professionals, it is also considered as the evil of the century.


If you are concerned with preventing diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and obesity, physical exercise can help you. In fact, its practice is not just for aesthetics, but influences your overall health, including that of your brain.


Physical exercise can help to increase energy levels and improve sleep quality. Thus, it is increasingly perceived that this practice is entirely linked to hormonal and cognitive issues. In fact, experimental and clinical studies have reported that physical exercise induces structural and functional changes in the brain , determining enormous biological and psychological benefits, facilitating neuroplasticity and stimulating the production of very important neurotrophic factors for cell regeneration.

Combined with the concept of Neuroplasticity , the prescription of physical exercise seeks to enhance individual capacities and prevent the appearance of diseases, strengthening the immune system.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help you find your personalized exercise plan.

At High Performance Brain we start by making a physical assessment that is ideally and whenever possible integrated into a multidisciplinary plan, namely with the area of ​​nutrition.