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Who we are

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High Performance Brain is comprised of a team of professionals specializing in medical neuroscience, physical exercise, and nutrition. Our shared passion lies in the field of neuroscience and the emerging concept of neuroplasticity. We firmly believe in adopting a multidisciplinary approach that allows for customized monitoring tailored to your specific needs.

Our objective is to promote physical, mental, and social well-being by prioritizing the health of the human brain—the most intricate organ. All consultations can be conveniently conducted online via a dedicated platform.

We strongly believe that sharing knowledge contributes to better overall community health education and further enhances the understanding of healthcare professionals. Our commitment to staying up to date with the latest advancements in our field enables us to provide you with the most current information. We offer a comprehensive range of educational resources including courses, specializations, seminars, as well as in-person and online workshops.

Furthermore, we are actively involved in scientific research and are dedicated to sharing our expertise in this domain.

If you have any ideas for potential partnerships or collaborations, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are enthusiastic about assisting you in finding effective solutions.



Our Values guide the conduct of our organization; they are:

  • Innovation

  • Differentiation

  • High Performance

  • Productivity

  • Resilience

  • Competence

  • Rigor

  • Sustainability

  • Ethics


  • Our main mission is to highlight the importance of paying attention to the health of our brain, promoting active and healthy aging based on the approach of the 4P medicine and lifestyle medicine.​​

  • We aim to assist in the relearning and rehabilitation of skills in individuals with neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, or stroke.

  • We strive to help teams and companies reduce absenteeism and, consequently, achieve high performance and/or high efficiency in each of their skills and/or team performance.

  • We promote workshops and specialized courses that are distinctive and offer added value in the fields of Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Nutrition, Physical Exercise, among others.

  • Our goal is to create added value and make a difference - wherever we are, in everything we do, and with everyone we work with.

  • We aim to operate safely and profitably, with social and environmental responsibility, in all national and/or international markets.

With the following primary target markets:

  • Companies

  • Schools/Colleges

  • Sports Clubs

  • Fitness Clubs

  • Individualized Persons

  • Healthcare and Healthcare Institutions

  • Informal and Formal Caregivers



The purpose of High Performance Brain encompasses:

  1. Raising awareness of the importance of brain health, active and healthy aging, and the adoption of preventive behaviors. A healthy brain has a network with all the necessary connections to enjoy a full life. This network changes throughout life, so it's not about putting a 17-year-old brain in an 80-year-old body but having the best and healthiest brain possible at any age.

  2. Providing healthcare and well-being based on the 4P medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory), offering clinical consultations in the fields of (i) genetics, (ii) sleep, (iii) stress and anxiety, (iv) healthy aging, (v) brain stimulation, rehabilitation, and recovery, (vi) physical exercise, (vii) nutrition, (viii) pain, (ix) neuropsychological assessment, (x) Brain Health Check, (xi) Brain-Based Coaching & Health, and (xii) Health and Lifestyle Assessment.

  3. Being active in education, academic development, and research in all areas/disciplines that may be involved in improving brain performance and, thereby, contributing to the promotion of health, disease prevention, or even the stabilization and regression of established pathological processes.

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