You have chronic pain, you have recently experienced some new pain, you have

migraines, pain neuropathic, diabetic neuropathy, visceral pain?

Causes such as sedentary lifestyles, neuropathies, diabetes, nerve compression, hyperalgesia, allodynia, stress, anxiety, emotional problems, dysregulation of these descending feedback systems, abnormal activity in a nociceptive pathway, can be adjacent to these types of pain maladaptive plasticity.


If you have any of these types of pain, do not be ashamed to ask for help, it is important at the first symptoms to seek help, because the faster the diagnosis is made, the faster an intervention can be initiated in order to recover or reduce the pain and provide a better quality of life. The later you seek help, you can jeopardize your health and worsen the problem.

HPB has a multidisciplinary team and a specific pain consultation that will provide you with adequate help to your needs, diagnosing the cause of the pain, and applying the most appropriate rehabilitation protocol, such as electrostimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation (EMT), exercise plan physical, adequate nutritional plan, emotional assessment, among others.

The goal is to ensure that we provide the best quality of life possible for our patients, for that purpose we will identify the causes of the problem in order to overcome and prevent recurrences.

Book your pain appointment and we will have our team at your disposal to help you 7 days a week.


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