"May your medicine be your food, and may your food be your medicine."

(Hippocrates, ~ 460 BC - 377 BC)


Did you know that the cells of our brain and our body seek the nutritional bases necessary for the correct and effective performance of their functions in food?


Do you want to lose weight or increase the volume of muscle mass? Are you out of energy or even depressed? Or anxiety problems and difficulty sleeping? Or when you get to your room and think "did you really come here to do or search?". Do you feel lack of productivity at work, with difficulties in concentration and attention problems throughout the day? It is very possible that your brain is not receiving the necessary nutrition.

At High Performance Brain we want to help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and whenever indicated, integrated into a multidisciplinary plan to obtain the maximum possible use with benefits for your health and your brain performance.


To obtain personalized nutritional advice in detail, we advise you to take the nutrigenetics test and follow up by a nutritionist through online and / or face-to-face consultations. Book your nutrition appointment directly for better advice.


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