What make us unique ?

  • Personalized and multidisciplinary clinical service to meet your specific needs.

  • New approach to medicine, using the 4P medicine methodology: Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory, based on two main objectives, the quantification of well-being, anticipating and preventing diseases.

  • Genetic tests that allow the development of multidisciplinary protocols in the field of preventive health.

  • Developed by our team of clinical neuroscientists, Brain-Health Check, Brain Stimulation and Brain Based Coaching & Health is an innovative approach that allows for faster recovery and rehabilitation (with more results), and more effective monitoring in the prevention of heart disease. the nervous system.

  • Performance in Portugal and the Netherlands and expanding in other countries. We also provide online consultations for the whole world, through our own platform.

  • Vast educational program, face-to-face and online, workshops, courses and conferences.

  • Scientific research, based on the most current scientific evidence, in the area of ​​neurosciences and neuroplasticity.

Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity


What people say about HPB

I am my father's caregiver, diagnosed with vascular dementia for several years. I have always run all kinds of doctors and support, in order to do everything possible for him to recover or, at least, not to get worse and lose more skills than those he had already lost due to the disease. Since I always identified my father's ability to learn, after the diagnosis of the disease, from an early age I tried to stimulate him formally and informally, both at the cognitive, physical and emotional level, as much as possible. However, it was after I got to know High Performance Brain that I managed to do it in a more targeted and much more effective way. My father is 85 years old and, thanks to the guidance of the HPB team, who, at home, we follow exhaustively and with great commitment, that he continues to have a minimally active life. Although in a guided way, my father has his routine, helps around the house with small household chores, does daily cognitive stimulation exercises, does physical exercise and started to have nutrition oriented to the nervous system. If you ask me if he was cured of dementia, the answer is no, but if you ask me if he, at this age, would be in such good condition, if it weren't for all this new guidance, the answer is also no. Thank you, José, Catarina, Ana and Joana!

​~Sónia Martins ~


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