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brain health check

Brain Health Check

Have you ever had an examination of your brain? The Brain Health Check is a check-up for your brain's performance and your overall health index.

médico de bata branca

Assessment and Diagnosis

Did you know that you can and should assess your brain health at any age? Remember, our brains don't hurt, so they don't give warning signs.

Célula DNA

Genetic Test

Genetic testing is done once in a lifetime, it's a one-time investment! The result obtained is unique for each individual and significantly contributes to the prevention of the development of diseases.

ressonância magnética quantica

Quantum Magnetic Resonance

Did you know you can and should assess your brain health at any age? Remember, our brain doesn't hurt, so it doesn't give warning signals!

Who are we?

The High Performance Brain is comprised of a team of professionals from the fields of medical neuroscience, physical exercise and nutrition, psychology, and neuropsychology, sharing a common passion for neuroscience and the emerging concept of neuroplasticity. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to tailor the type of support to your specific needs. (...)

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See how HPB has already changed the lives of numerous patients. We'd love for you to be next; we can help.

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