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The purpose of High Performance Brain covers:

1. To raise awareness of the importance of healthy brain, active and healthy aging and the adoption of preventive behaviors. A healthy brain has a network with all the connections necessary to enjoy a full life. This network changes throughout life, so it's not about putting a 17-year-old brain in an 80-year-old body, but having a better and healthier brain at any age.

2. Health care and well-being services, based on 4P medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory) developing clinical consultations in the fields of (i) genetics, (ii) sleep, (iii) stress and anxiety, (iv) healthy aging, (v) brain stimulation, rehabilitation and recovery, (vi) physical exercise, (vii) nutrition, (viii) pain, (ix) neuropsychological assessment (x) Brain Health Check, (xi) Brain Based Coaching & Health and (xii) Health and Lifestyle Assessment.

3. Be active in education, academic development and research in all areas / disciplines that may be involved in improving brain performance and, thus, contribute to health promotion, disease prevention or even stability and regression of installed pathological processes.

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