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Genetic testing allows us to learn more about our biology and anticipate our propensities for disease.


It is a test that is done once in a lifetime, as our genetics do not change.


HPB has a large plan of genetic tests, as the list below indicates:

- Women's health;

- Facial harmonization;

- Physiotherapy and sports;

- Allergies;

- Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins;

- Men's Health;

- Functional nutrition;

- Facial Dermatocosmetics;

- Gynecology and Obstetrics;

- Organs;

- Healthy aging;

- Oncology;

- Autistic spectrum disorder;

- Diabetes;

- Ophthalmology;

- Neurodegenerative;

- T21 Family Panel;

- Baby test;

- Microbiome;

- Inflammations;

- Relationships;

- Body dermatocosmetics;

- Nutrition and slimming genetic panel;

- Healthy longevity;

- Integrative Functional Medicine;

- Hair dermatocosmetics;

- Endocrinology and Metabolism;

- Down Syndrome Panel;

- Nutrology;

- Cardiovascular;

- Pediatrics;

- Bodybuilding;

- susceptibility to coronavirus;

- Panel Nutrition, quality of life and aesthetics.



The value includes the collection of the DNA sample, the test and respective report, and the analysis of the test results to define the therapeutic protocol to be presented to the patient in consultation.



If you combine 1 panel: 605€

If you combine between 2 and 5 panels of your choice: €843.37

If you combine between 6 and 10 panels of your choice: €1196.69

Genetic Tests (2 to 5 panels)

  • This amount already includes 21% VAT.

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