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Women's Health

Women have particularities in their health that distinguish them from men and which we must especially consider in order to develop healthy aging.


Find out more about your health in terms of:

1. Susceptibility to endocrine diseases, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, insulin resistance, among others.

2. Hormonal system

3. Immune system

4. Cardiovascular system

5. Behavior such as depression, anxiety, impulsivity, fears, sociability, among others

6. Oncology

7. Neurological system

8. Musculoskeletal system, such as propensity for osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis and hernias

9. Urinary system

10. Gastrointestinal system

11. Fertility

12. Respiratory system



The value includes the collection of the DNA sample, the test and respective report, and the analysis of the test results to define the therapeutic protocol to be presented to the patient in consultation.


If you combine 1 panel: 500€ + VAT

If you combine between 2 and 5 panels of your choice: €697 + VAT

If you combine between 6 and 10 panels of your choice: €989 + VAT

Genetic Testing: Women's Health

  • This amount already includes 21% VAT.

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