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Our skin is our largest organ and demonstrates our maturation and aging process. It protects us from external aggressions such as fungi, bacteria, chemicals, physical and even environmental factors such as the sun.


Know more about your skin regarding susceptibilities to:

1. Forehead Wrinkles

2. Expression Marks

3. Periocular Lines

4. Nasal wrinkles

5. Perioral Lines

6. Loss of volume and facial contour

7. Labiomentonian grooves

8. Gravitational Wrinkles

9. Eyelid sagging

10. Dark Circles

11. Eyelid Bags

12. Nasolabial fold

13. Wrinkles on the chin

14. Permanent static wrinkles

15. “Double chin”

16. Neck sagging

17. Collagen synthesis

18. Calagen degradation

19. Skin elasticity

20. Falling of the corner of the mouth

21. Hydration capacity


The value includes the collection of the DNA sample, the test and respective report, and the analysis of the test results to define the therapeutic protocol to be presented to the patient in consultation.


If you combine 1 panel: 500€ + VAT

If you combine between 2 and 5 panels of your choice: €697 + VAT

If you combine between 6 and 10 panels of your choice: €989 + VAT

Genetic Test: Facial Harmonization

  • This amount already includes 21% VAT.

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