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Sat, 14 Sept


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Neurosciences, Neurodevelopment and Education - From theory to intervention - 2nd Edition

This specialization course is based on the current view of neuroscience and neuroplasticity for children.

Neurosciences, Neurodevelopment and Education - From theory to intervention - 2nd Edition
Neurosciences, Neurodevelopment and Education - From theory to intervention - 2nd Edition

Time & Location

14 Sept 2024, 09:00 WEST – 11 May 2025, 16:00 WEST

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About the Event

It becomes very important to know  development in children and the role of neuroscience and neuroplasticity in neurodevelopment, in this path we developed this course in order to be able to share knowledge and the necessary tools for those who deal professionally with children, whether in school terms or in the clinical field.

This course is certified by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Iran), Iranian Society of Neurosciences and DANA - Brain Health Institute.

In this 165h course we will cover the following contents:

1. Module I-Neurodevelopment (42 hours):

     - Anatomical Organization of the CNS and PNS

     - Development of the CNS

     - Process of Neuroplasticity and Brain Development.

Facilitating Processes of Neurodevelopment: Neurogenesis and Angiogenesis.

     - Physical Exercise

     - Nutrition

Neurodevelopment and Neurodynamic Processes – Relationship between Learning and Development.

Neurodevelopment and activity mediation processes.

Lower Nerve Functions - Original Brain and Higher Nervous Functions - Brain “Learn to be Ready”: Alexander Luria's Theory of Functional Organization.

Study of the three functional blocks and contributions to psychological activity. 

The problem of critical periods of development: Brief Reflection: Piaget / Vygotsky / Reuven Fuerstein

2. Module II - Neurodevelopment of predictive learning skills (27 hours):

Emotional and behavioral regulation.

Mental Flexibility and Creativity.

Audio-verbal memory.

Phonological Awareness. 

Spatial Cognition. 

Oral language: 

     - Lexical Awareness

     - Semantic Awareness

     - Morphosyntactic Awareness

     - Pragmatics.

Consciousness and Mastery of the Body.

3. Module III - Neurodevelopment of elementary academic skills (18 hours):

Reading and writing.

Problem solving.

Reading Comprehension.

4. Module IV - Neurodevelopment of complex academic skills (18 hours)

Directed, critical and inferential reading.

Written expression and grammatical monitoring.

Summary and synthesis.

Critical and Reflective Thinking.

Schemes and conception of mind maps.

5. Module V - Neurodevelopmental Disorders (60 hours):

     - DSMV Diagnostic Criteria

     - Symptoms and Differential Diagnoses.

Disorders of Intellectual Development.

Communication Disorders.

     - Language Disorder

     - Speech Sound Disturbance

     - Childhood Onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)

     - Social Communication Disturbance (Pragmatics).

Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Specific Learning Disability.

     - With reading deficit

     - With a writing deficit

     - With deficit in written expression

     - With a deficit in mathematics

Motor Disorders

     - Developmental Disorder of Coordination

     - Stereotypic Movement Disorder.

Tic Disorder

Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders


.José Carvalho

.Carina Lobato Faria

.Ana Filipa Silva

.Magda Roma


.HPB reserves the right not to start training on the scheduled dates if there are not a minimum of 10 trainees.

.Enrollment cancellations must be made by email, being refunded if made up to 30 days before the start of the course or 50% if made up to 5 business days before the start of the course.  

.In case of withdrawal from the course after the beginning of its attendance, no refunds will be made and the course will have to be paid in full. 

.In case of postponement of the course, there is no right to any refund. Refunds will only be made in case of cancellation of the event, without new dates for its realization.

.In case of failure, students enjoy a 50% discount for a new assessment.

.Assessment is divided into 60% test and 40% work with a minimum grade of 6 values in each evaluation moment.


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