BBB - Brain-Based Boot Camp

Online Innovative Bootcamp of 4 weeks, on week days or others days in according with each client (3 days per week, during 4 weeks)

An online action-learning program to create value through entrepreneurial creativity, leadership, problem solving, preventive health and reduced absenteeism.

Designed for companies, schools and individual people, more specifically: CEO, Executive Directors, HR Director, Team Leader, Coaches, Clinical Director, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals and general public.

Key issues:

  • Do you have a high rate of unproductivity and absenteeism due to deficient physical and mental health?

  • Do you feel that you could improve performance if you had better leadership?

  • Ignorance of thought processes and the basis for managing emotions leads to an increase in the error rate , to generate conflicts and to be less profitable, thereby exposing risk.

  • High levels of stress and anxiety trigger error, conflicts, illnesses and premature aging, which lead to reduced productivity.


Format: Online Bootcamp with Seminar, Workshop, Group Activity, Individual Sessions.

Course Languages: English or Portuguese



  • Mohammad Nami 

  • Ana Silva

  • Magda Roma

  • Sandra Aguiar

  • Natalia Staniszewska

  • Isabel Gaspar

  • José Carvalho

  • Professor Jagannatha Rao

  • Professor Amir Sharafkhane

Key additional benefits

To exert positive, inspiring and high integrity leadership.

To enhance the ability to make decisions and manage change processes while facing complexity.

To move from risk to intelligence.

To maximize your potential while learning to be a more caring professional.

To improve self-control, motivation and empathy.

To obtain a better awareness of our own body, thus learning to adjust and modify the responses associated with stress .

To understand the dynamics involved in leadership to strengthen effectiveness.

To enhance creativity and encourage innovation for new challenges.

To improve team leadership.

To solve conflicts in a positive way.

To improve physical and mental well-being.

“In this Bootcamp, you will find a practical, innovative and systematic component for better leadership and a better search for well-being and health with an incredible international team committed to you”

Program Structure

What to expect at Bootcamp

The HPB Brain Based BootCamp is a combination of live teaching sessions, individual sessions, workshops, seminar and much more with HPB Team (which are recorded for your flexibility), a team-based project to build a bridge with a global team, the Bootcamp is an innovative and commitment learning experience.


  • Seminar / Conference Brain-Based Health, Leadership and Coaching (group activities)

  • Conference Genetic, Health and Work (group activities)

  • Assessment of Health and lifestyle (individual sessions)

  • Sleep assessment and counseling (individual sessions)

  • Nutritional assessment and counseling (individual sessions)

  • Physical exercise assessment and counseling (individual sessions)

  • Stress and anxiety management (individual sessions)

  • Communication skills assessment (individual sessions)

  • Neuro-Leadership Workshop (group activities)

         o The brain as a machine

         o The Brain and personality

         o The brain and reality

         o The brain and consciousness

         o The brain and communication

         o The brain and leadership

  • Mental Capital Workshop (group activities)

         o Mental capital in life and work

         o Importance of health conditions at work

         o Mental health and performance

         o Well-being at work

  • Nutrition Workshop (group activities)

         o Power Smoothies

         o Detox Food

         o Healthy meals for aging

  • Physical exercise workshop (group activities)

         o Preparatory Physical Exercise at Work

         o Compensatory physical exercise at work

         o Physical Exercise for Relaxation at Work

         o Corrective Physical Exercise at Work

  • Neuro-leadership (group activities)

  • Show cooking (group activities)

  • Mental capital (group activities)

  • Sensorimotor training program

  • Mindfulness / meditation classes (group activities)

  • Exercises to stimulate the brain (group activities)

  • Brain-based coaching (individual sessions)

  • Related topics:

         o Communicate more effectively at all levels, using the power of the social brain

         o Build better relationships with customers and colleagues

         o Improve communication skills

         o Create impact and influence with your communications

         o Differentiate between aggressive and assertive behavior

         o Dealing assertively in pressure situations

         o Know how to provide constructive feedback

         o Understand how to build and strengthen others

         o Regulate emotions and work intelligence

         o Profile of individuals easily o Learn how to deal with each personality type

         o Understand why others frustrate you and how to work with them

         o Learn how to influence each personality type

         o Build sustainable business relationships based on 4 axes of the business structure

         o Deal effectively with conflicts and confrontations

         o Know how to manage differences

         o Understand negotiation and collaboration

         o Effectively identify the needs of others



• To become familiar with our own brain. Getting to know the ‘machine’.

• To understand the processes of thinking

• To understand the basis of our emotions and how to manage them.

• To understand how we build reality.

• To understand the relationship between 'brain' and 'levels of consciousness'.


At the end of Bootcamp, students will have the skills and tools to answer the following questions in the affirmative:

  • Am I on the right path to have a better health?

  • Am I on the right path to decrease the absenteeism?

  • Am I prepared to better understand how to lead people and better understand my team's behavior?

  • Am I prepared to solve an important problem?

  • Am I to lead with my emotions and emotions of my team?

  • Am I doing this in a financially sustainable way?


Learners will need a regular computer and Internet access to participate in the live sessions.

HPB Online Bootcamps bring a rigorous, immersive, collaborative and hands-on learning experience. Over 4 weeks, you will learn and work with a global team of innovators carefully selected by HPB to build and deliver value through preventive health innovation, neuro-leadership and brain-based coaching. You will learn the main innovation with the HPB team: improving the way of thinking and developing a new approach to each problem, regulating emotions, better adapting to a new context, more engagement, innovation, creating meaning for the client, health, well-being be and more. You and / or your team will be trained and guided by the experienced HPB team.

Active learning

Learn alongside global innovators selected by HPB.

From a combination of live sessions with HPB team and some guest speakers, coaching sessions, regular meetings with your global team, plus your individual work, we expect active engagement from all participants. It’s not only a typical online course, it much more them this. It’s a dynamic, immersive learning experience where you build the foundations of your knowledge with a global team in just 4 weeks.

Online Concept

In this Bootcamp, you’ll gain experience collaborating, leading, and innovating with a global team, online. Learn and practice “best practices” for effective live online cooperation.

Join us!

Be part of our network where we can share knowledge, experiences and learn together, with our team, their classmates and our entire network and future bootcamps. Receive continuous access to content curated and developed by HPB Bootcamps, post-Bootcamp. Someday we can meet again in person, we hope to meet you somewhere in the world.




Mixed learning

     Practical Creativity

Learn practical techniques to identify viable opportunities and generate new ones.


     Customer discovery

Your patients / clients are at the center of your enterprise and you must understand them deeply. Learn to identify your unmet needs, it will be an opportunity to help them in well-being, health, neuro-leadership, brain-based coaching with 4P's, prevent, predict, personalize and participate.


     Problem definition

The problem defines the opportunity for innovation and the potential for value creation. Learn how to frame and specify the opportunity for the problem so that you can develop a solution that creates real value.

Conditions of participation:

Learners will need a regular computer and Internet access to participate in the live sessions.

Registrations can be made through the email , or directly by phone +31 617 703 521 or +351 927 329 773, or through our website,


For that purpose after each payment you must send proof of payment to the email Registration will only be considered valid after full payment of the bootcamp amount

Registrations can be canceled up to 2 weeks before the start of the event at no additional cost, cancellations less than 14 days before the start of the event will cost 50% of the total bootcamp value, cancellations less than 5 days in advance of the bootcamp will cost 80% of the value.
The bootcamp can be postponed in 2 circumstances, due to the lack of a minimum number of participants, or due to the imposition of legislation resulting from the pandemic we are experiencing.
In case of postponement, a new date will be rescheduled, where the registered participants will make the automatic transition to the rescheduled edition, without refund.

Contact with us:+351 927 329 773

                             +31 6 177 035 21


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