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Brain Health Check

A test for everyone, aimed at promoting preventive health!

Certainly, you have already undergone evaluations of your vision, your heart, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, among others. But what about the most important part of your body, your BRAIN?

Why have you never had an assessment of your brain?

After all, the brain plays a crucial role in all areas of our lives, from our ability to think and remember to our emotions and behaviors. That's why taking care of brain health is essential.

Introducing the Brain Health Check, a check-up of your brain's performance and health index. This comprehensive assessment aims to provide valuable insights into the state of your brain and identify potential areas for improvement. During the Brain Health Check, we use specialized techniques and tests to assess various cognitive functions such as memory, attention, reasoning, and executive skills. Additionally, we also take into account factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, and physical activity, which play a fundamental role in brain health.

Based on the assessment results, we offer personalized recommendations to help you improve your brain health and maximize your cognitive performance. This may include lifestyle changes, brain stimulation strategies, specific exercises, and other appropriate interventions.

Don't neglect your brain when it comes to health check-ups. Schedule your BRAIN HEALTH CHECK today and invest in the well-being of your brain, ensuring a healthy and fulfilling life.

The Brain Health Check (BHC) is a brain check-up that should be performed by both healthy individuals and those with neurological, psychiatric, or psychological conditions.

For healthy individuals, the goal of the BHC is to assess and map brain functioning in order to enhance any deficient functions that may need improvement. For example, we can work on improving memory, increasing reasoning speed, enhancing decision-making, and problem-solving skills, among other aspects. Additionally, the BHC plays an important role in promoting healthy aging by preserving brain health and reducing the risk of developing brain diseases.

For individuals with conditions, the BHC allows us to evaluate the degree of impairment caused by the condition on brain health and its impact on the patient's daily activities. This enables us to tailor an intervention protocol aimed at maximizing rehabilitation and recovery whenever possible or slowing down the progression of the disease.

The BHC utilizes specialized techniques and tests to gather detailed information about the state of the brain and individual needs. Based on the results, we develop a personalized intervention plan, which may include rehabilitation strategies, cognitive stimulation, complementary therapies, and guidance for ongoing care.

Whether you have a healthy brain or are facing neurological challenges, the BHC is a valuable tool for understanding and improving brain health.

The Brain Health Check is conducted at High Performance Brain in the Netherlands, Portugal, and throughout Europe. In collaboration with Dana Brain Health and the Neurosciences Laboratory Institute (NSL) of the Department of Neuroscience at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), we offer a sustainable multidisciplinary approach.

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Your brain is a high 
performance machine

Your brain works tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Keeping your brain healthy and astute is essential to your well-being.

Your brain determines all aspects of your life: thoughts, emotions, movements and memory.

Find out what our report can say about your brain:

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