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Yoga & Brain Health - in there any evidence?

Yoga & Brain health - is there any evidence?šŸ§ 


šŸ‘‰Are any of your friends in love with yoga?

šŸ‘‰Do they constantly suggest that you should start practicing yoga as well?


Sorry to inform you, but Yoga can be beneficial for your brain health. No excuses, time to visit yoga



A systematic review of the current literature showed that there is a positive effect of yoga practice

on the structure and function of several brain areas like:

āœ”ļøthe hippocampus (has a major role in learning and memory)

āœ”ļøamygdala (has a role in our perception of fear and other emotions)

āœ”ļøthe prefrontal cortex (it is the source of complex behaviors, planning)

āœ”ļøcingulate cortex (is involved with emotion formation processing, learning, and memory )


There is also early and promising evidence that yoga practice can modify brain networks including

the default mode network (DMN). DMN is usually more active when a person is not focused on a

specific task, also when somebody is in a state of self-conscious reflection. Yoga may lead to

changes in functional connectivity inside DMN, which in result may increase present-moment

awareness. Being present in a moment means less rumination about the past or worrying about the future. That's why yoga practice can be recommended to people suffering from depressionšŸ˜¢.


Behavioural mind-body interventions like yoga also have cognitive benefits. It can be an effective program for older adults who exhibit signs of cognitive decline.


Nonetheless, it's good to move your body!


DOI: 10.3233/BPL-190084

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