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World Stroke Day



A stroke could happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere! Throughout the world, stroke is the second leading cause of death.


Early Warning Signs

- Numbness, weakness or paralysis, especially on one side of the


- Confusion or trouble talking and understanding

- Trouble seeing

- Dizziness or trouble walking

- Severe headache

- Deviation of the face (“mouth to the side”)

- Vision loss, double vision, blurred vision

Risk factors:

- Hypertension

- Diabetes

- High Cholesterol

- Arrhythmias

- Smoking

- Excessive alcohol consumption

- Obesity


After Stroke:

Rehabilitation is a process that requires the collaboration of the patient, the family and a multidisciplinary team of health professionals.

In this process, efforts are made to recover as much as possible the functions that have suffered injuries caused by the stroke, in order to return the patient to his previous life.

The rehabilitation process should begins a soon as possible and at moment the patient, at the hospital, be clinically stable to begins this process


Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide, but almost all strokes could be prevented! If you develop a heathy lifestyle, with a good nutrition, regular physical exercise and brain stimulation, strokes could be prevented!

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