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World Smile Day

World smile dayūüėä


Do you know that SMILE helps in the proper functioning of the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems, among other benefits to physical, mental and spiritual health?


Here we highlight some benefits of smiling:

‚úÖSmiling releases

‚úÖendorphins associated with well-being

‚úÖSmiling boosts the immune system

‚úÖThe smile relieves physical tension and stress

‚úÖThe smile is good for the heart as your blood flow increases

‚úÖA smile can reduce anxiety and fear

‚úÖSharing a smile generates relationships of trust

‚úÖSmiling helps resolve conflicts before were presented as rigid, heavy, immutable

‚úÖA smile attracts more people to you

‚úÖSmiling inspires positive behaviour

‚úÖThe internal smile is the best medicine of the mind


So…have you already slimed today?:)




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