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Who's at higher risk?

Who is at risk of dying from Covid 2019?


The most common preconditions of people who have died from COVID-19 were:


diabetes (type 2)


These conditions are mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle!


Who else is at risk?

✔️Elderly people

✔️People with COPD/Chronic obstructive lung disease (up to 5.4x more likely to die)

✔️People with Hypertension (up to 3.05x more likely to die)

✔️People with Diabetes (up to 2.85x more likely to die)

✔️Current smokers (up to 2.23x more likely to die)

✔️People with Heart Disease (up to 2.14x more likely to die)

✔️People with Asthma or any condition affecting the respiratory system

✔️Immunocompromised people (HIV, Cancer treatment, corticosteroid use)

✔️Obese people


Looks like by improving your general health, you can lower your risk of dying from the virus!


📝For a few weeks now we have been offering free consultations for people who would like to assess their level of health. Our assesments can help you identify the areas of your life that should be improved.


👉There is probably no better time to focus on optimizing both your general health and specific bodily functions and processes then right now!


📥Schedule your consultation with us by writing e-mail to




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