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Tips for SAD

Do you suffer from SAD? šŸ˜„


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs during the same season each year, usually in the fall or winter.


Signs of the seasonal affective disorder can include:

ā˜‘ļøLack of energy despite an increase in sleep

ā˜‘ļøLack of interest in once enjoyable activities

ā˜‘ļøFeeling lethargic, sad, or hopeless

ā˜‘ļøSuicidal thoughts

ā˜‘ļøAltered appetite


For those who battle seasonal depression, this year could be really tough. The physical distancing due to COVID-19, mixed with the upcoming holidays and seasonal depression can create a bad recipe. That's why we created for you a list of ways to cope with "winter blues"


Tips for seasonal depression:

šŸ”¶Try to spend as much time outside during the day as you can. The reduction in light disrupts your circadian rhythm.

šŸ”¶Incorporate a light-therapy box into your daily routine.

šŸ”¶Consider using a sunlight alarm.

šŸ”¶Reach out to a therapist.

šŸ”¶Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

šŸ”¶Schedule virtual events and time with people (Physical distance doesnā€™t mean we have to be emotional or social distant)


Hopefully, those are the ingredients to make the holidays happy.





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