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The best exercise for cognition

šŸ‘‰Physical activity and cognition is important, but which exercise works and to whom?


In the last decade, an increasing number of studies evaluating the relationship between physical activity and cognition has unveiled the importance of exercising to improve cognitive skills and decrease the cognitive complaint associated with aging.


But what exercises work better and to whom?:

āž”ļøMore time spent in sedentary behaviour was related with worse inhibition in primary school- aged children, while higher volume of physical activity was associated with better planning ability and shorter execution time completing the tests.

āž”ļøMeta-analysis has shown that acute physical exercise enhances executive functions in preadolescent children, adolescents and young adults.

āž”ļøWalking improve set-shifting and inhibition in sedentary older persons without cognitive impairment. However, in older persons with cognitive impairment, walking did not show improvements in executive functioning.

āž”ļøPhysical activity (e.g. a combination of endurance, strength and balance) led to large improvements in gait speed, functional mobility and balance in all stages of dementia.

āž”ļø15-week of physical activity involving three 1-hour sessions per week improved the overall cognitive functioning in elderly persons with dementia while the control group decreased their overall cognitive functioning. However, no improvement was found in episodic memory.


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