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Test your genes to improve your health

šŸ”¬TEST your GENES to reduce the risk of developing a disease!


Direct-to-consumer genetic test kits can reveal whether someone is at risk for specific diseases and conditions, like Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and even cancer.


ā–ŖļøAre you interested in preventative medicine?

ā–ŖļøWould you like to optimise your health?


āœ”ļøIf YES, then you should explore your genes. By knowing which genetic variants you carry, you can discover your bodyā€™s secrets in order to match your lifestyle (diet, training program etc.) to your genetic predispositions.

šŸ‘‰Benefits of genetic testing:

āœ…can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty

āœ…helps people make informed decisions about managing their health care

āœ…a negative result for a gene mutation can eliminate the need for unnecessary checkups and screening tests in some cases

āœ…a positive result for a gene mutation can direct a person toward available prevention, monitoring, and treatment options

āœ…can also tell if you have a gene change that you might pass on to your children


šŸ‘‰How to order a genetic test?

1. The test kit is shipped to you with instructions.

2. The kit contains a saliva-collection tube or cheek swap.

3. Collect the saliva.

4. Mail the sample to a lab.

5. When the results are ready, we can help you to understand the results of your tests. We'll give a simple lifestyle and dietary suggestions, so you can reduce your risk of developing some diseases.


ā—ļøOrder your kit


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