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Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

đź”´Alzheimer's disease symptomsđź”´


If you're following us or a while you probably know what is Alzheimer's disease, but do you know what are the symptoms? Would you be able to recognize early signs of Alzheimer's disease in your parents or grandparents?


The first symptoms of Alzheimer’s vary from person to person. For many, a decline in non-memory aspects of cognition, such as word-finding, vision/spatial issues, and impaired reasoning or judgment, may signal the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


👉A person with early signs of Alzheimer's disease will often have problems with some of the following:

✅memory loss that disrupts daily life – for example, difficulty recalling events that happened recently, repeating yourself,

✅difficulty with concentrating, planning or organizing – for example, difficulties making decisions, solving problems or carrying out a sequence of tasks (such as following a recipe),

âś…completing familiar tasks at home-for example, having trouble with using a cell phone, driving places

✅language – for example, difficulties following a conversation or finding the right word for something,

✅visuospatial skills – for example, problems judging distances (such as on stairs) and seeing objects in three dimensions, tripping over things at home

✅orientation – for example, losing track of the day or date, or becoming confused about where they are,

âś…misplacing things- for example, placing car keys in the freezer

âś…socializing- for example, withdrawal from work or social activities

âś…mood and personality changes- for example, getting easily upset in common situations or being fearful


💉Alzheimer’s disease is currently diagnosed by a clinical investigation, tests of cognitive function, brain imaging (CT, MRI, PET), and measurement of biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid.


👉If you would like to check if your genes are associated with higher incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, visit our website (hpbrain.org) and order a genetic test!

đź“ĄYou can also message us for more information on this topic. We offer support to you and your loved onesđź’™.






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