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Sweet potato muffins

Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Muffin🍠


👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Looking to get more healthy foods in your kids’ diet? These healthy sweet potato recipe is not only kid-friendly but also lunch box-friendly! Your child can take it to school and enjoy it during the lunch-break!


Health benefits of sweet potatoes:



✔️beta-carotene: like carrots, sweet potatoes can be great for eye health.

✔️vitamin C: one cup of baked sweet potato 52% of your daily requirements.



▪️1 cup sweet potato puree

▪️1/2 cup peanut butter

▪️3 eggs

▪️1/4 cup maple syrup

▪️1/2 tsp vanilla

▪️1 1/2 cups almond flour

▪️1 tsp baking soda

▪️1/4 tsp salt

▪️1 tsp cinnamon

▪️1/4 cup chocolate chips




1️⃣Preheat oven to 350F

2️⃣Put sweet potato puree, peanut butter, eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla in a bowl and whisk together

3️⃣In another bowl, mix together the almond flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon

4️⃣Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix until combined

5️⃣Add in the chocolate chips and stir

Pour into lined or greased muffin tin

6️⃣Bake for 24 minutes






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