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Suplementos Personalizados

.Our personalized supplements have as main objective to promote the mental and physical health of each patient, for this purpose we have created formulas that we personalize and adapt to the needs of each patient.

.Self-supplementation should not be done, as the inherent risks can be too serious, all supplementation should be prescribed and monitored by an experienced health professional for the purpose, after that professional requests a real measurement, through blood tests, to the patient.

.Our personalized supplements are specific to support the production of neurotransmitters and limit their degradation, maximize the creation of new neurons, ensure optimal cerebral blood flow, support hormonal production, ensure good levels of vitamins and minerals, have better sleep quality, reduce cholesterol and control diabetes, have better gut health, better immune system, guarantee healthy aging, cognitive boost (eg: better memory), stress and hypertension management, depression, neuroprotective preventing or delaying neurodegenerative diseases, among many other purposes.

.One of the great advantages is that all our formulas are based on natural products, based on nutriceutics, where the vast majority of ingredients are vegan.

Another great advantage is the possibility of manipulating and customizing each supplement for each patient, thus adapting the formulation, and thereby achieving greater and better results, reducing side effects.

As your safety is one of our priorities, for this purpose we have the best professionals and a partner pharmacy to produce the supplements with the utmost rigor, without fail, ensuring the best quality in each supplement produced.

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