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Sugary Christmas

The not so sweet side of Christmas.


It’s that time of year again – a time of indulgence in sugary treats!🍪


Did you know that:

🎄a slice of Christmas cake will take you well over your recommended daily sugar allowance of 30g,

🎄a glass of mulled wine contains just under half of your total recommended sugar intake,

🎄Christmas pudding can have up to 45g of sugar per portion,

🎄a single mince pie can contain more than 22g of sugar?


🧠In the brain, excess sugar impairs both our cognitive skills and our self-control. Studies show that people with diabetes (especially those whose blood sugar is not well controlled) are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s dementia. Eating too much sugar and excessive calories heightens your risk of health problems.


How to have low sugar Christmas:

✅Choose what you really, really like as a treat and only have that in the house

✅Go natural. Substitute refined sugar with natural sources of sugar (fresh fruits)

✅Look for recipes for low-sugar holiday desserts

✅Use spices like cinnamon to sweeten your desserts and balance blood sugar

✅Choose low-sugar alcohols like gin or vodka

✅Ask others not to buy you food-based gifts








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