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STOP snacking

šŸ‘‰Do you graze on food all day?


Nowadays, many people complain that staying at home and having access to the kitchen all the time may contribute to their weight gain.


Snacking can be bad for you if you're eating high-carb cookies and treats all the time. Therefore, be careful which foods you are snacking on, and avoid eating mindlessly.


If you need to snack, you should choose small portions of nutrient-packed, unprocessed foods.


However, if you want to stop snacking, here are some tips on how to do it:

āœ”ļødon't bring snacks to your home or hide them somewhere in the house, if you really need to have snacks in your house buy smaller packs

āœ”ļødrink a lot of water between meals

āœ”ļøplan your meals ahead and make sure that your meals are properly balanced

āœ”ļøwhen you're hungry go on a walk

āœ”ļøsleep more (sleep deprivation increases appetite)

āœ”ļøeat from smaller plates (small plate makes an illusion that your portion is big)

āœ”ļøeat slowly (slow eaters eat less and feel fuller)

āœ”ļøeat higher volume foods (for example food that is nutrient-dense, but low in calories)


šŸ‘‰Let us know what are your ways to STOP SNACKING



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