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Sleep and immune system

šŸ‘‰Want to boost your immune system?

šŸ‘‰Make sure that you have good quality sleep!


Chronic sleep loss decreases the bodyā€™s production of protective cytokines, lowering the bodyā€™s response to infection and increasing our vulnerability to disease.


The bodyā€™s immune response is regulated by cytokines, which act as signaling molecules in immune system and the brain.


ā°Thereā€™s a significant body of research to show that immune function is tied closely to the bodyā€™s 24-hour circadian clock. When sleep is deprived, this cycle is weakened and disrupted, and the immune system suffers.


One of the best ways to stay healthy is to simply get adequate sleep on a regular basis. Practice good sleep hygiene to support healthy sleep and a strong immune system:

āœ”ļøMaintain a consistent sleep and wake schedule.

āœ”ļøAvoid alcohol in the last hour before bed.

āœ”ļøAvoid stimulants like caffeine up to 8 hours before bed.

āœ”ļøDonā€™t use screens for an hour or two before sleep.


ā—ļøYou can find out more about the ways to improve your sleep in our webinar which soon will be available on our webiste.




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