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Productivity and sleep

How to improve productivity by "doing nothing"?


👉Do you still think that sleep is just a waste of time when you're doing nothing?


Actually, sleep is vital to cognitive performance, productivity, health, and well-being.


Prioritizing work over sleep is highly valued in our society. However, in reality, productivity and performance can decrease when a person is sleep-deprived.


Some people like to boost their productivity by consuming coffee and energy drinks. It is true that caffeine can improve performance, however none stimulant can serve as a substitute for sleep.


Sleep helps you to consolidate memories and remove toxic proteins in the brain and there isn't any supplement in the world that could do that.🧠


If you want to improve your productivity makes sure that you:

✔️stop working in the evening

✔️stop drinking caffeinated drinks after lunch

✔️avoid blue light at night

✔️have a nighttime routine

✔️have consistent sleeping schedule

✔️don't sleep in on the weekend

✔️take naps when you need it

✔️consult a sleep expert




📥If you would like to improve your productivity and end your struggles with sleep problems, message us, one of our specialists can help you!


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