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Neurological physiotherapy

Happy Physiotherapy Day!šŸŽ‰


Every year, 8 September is celebrated as World Physical Therapy Day, also known as World Physiotherapy Day or World PT Day. The global event recognises the important and trusted role physiotherapists play in the community to improve the health of their patients.


As a company dedicated to brain health, we recognise the importance of physical therapists in the area ofglobal health.


A neurological physiotherapist can help you retrain your brain after brain injury. They are trained to see and feel problems and provide hands-on treatment.


Neurological Physiotherapists have expertise in treating the following conditions:

ā–ŖļøBrain Injury traumatic

ā–ŖļøNon Traumatic Brain Injury



ā–ŖļøHypoxic/anoxic brain injury

ā–ŖļøBrain Tumours

ā–ŖļøNeurovascular disorders

ā–ŖļøMild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) post-concussive impacts

ā–ŖļøHead injuries post Sports Injuries/Impacts


If you have recently experienced a brain injury then you should start working with a physiotherapist to restore your body movements. It's a good idea to work also with other brain specialists because an inter-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation is more effective.


šŸ‘‰Would you like to share your experiences with neurological physiotherapy?

ā­ļøJoin our Facebook community and tell us your personal story about how you restored your brain health after the brain injury.

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