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Neurodegenerative diseases QUIZ

Test your knowledge about NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES.


How much do you know about the human brain and neurodegenerative diseases? Test your knowledge with this quiz.


šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡Just drop answers for these questions in the comments section. For more difficult questions visit our IG stories:)


1ļøāƒ£Most cases of Alzheimer's disease are:

a)Autosomal dominant

b)Autosomal recessive




2ļøāƒ£The earliest changes in Alzheimer's disease are usually found in the:


b)Entorhinal cortex


d)Association cortex


3ļøāƒ£Which of the following APO E genotypes confers the lowest risk for dementia:

a)APO E2/2

b)APO E2/3

c)APO E3/3

d)APO E3/4

e)APO E4/4


šŸ‘‰We're waiting to see your answers in the comment section.

šŸ‘‰Don't forget to check our IG stories as well.


šŸ‘„And if you want to discuss myths surrounding neurodegenerative diseases JOIN our Facebook group called "High Performance Brain (health, brain, and lifestyle discussion group)" NOW.


Have a great day:)




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