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Morning routine for your brain

Morning routine for the brainšŸ§ 


We can't stress enough to you how important it is to create a morning routine, as it will set you up for a successful day or even life. The morning routine usually has the most impact on your day as it helps you build momentum.


These is our idea of a perfect morning routine that supports your brain and your self-development:

āœ”ļøwrite down his dreams in a dream journal

āœ”ļøstart your day with a glass of water, a big mug of hot water and lemon, or a cup of turmeric tea

āœ”ļømake your bed to create a clean environment

āœ”ļødo a mini yoga session, just a few minutes of sun salutations will improve oxygen flow to your brain

āœ”ļøtake a cold shower


āœ”ļøeat a breakfast full of brain foods (like aĀ smoothie with blueberries, avocado, kale, walnuts, raw cacao)

āœ”ļøstart your workday with the most difficult tasks


Now it's your turn, share with us:

šŸ‘‰What's your morning ritual?

šŸ‘‰Which part of your morning routine benefits your brain the most?


šŸ“Let us know in the comments so that other people can use your tips to improve their own morning routine:)


If you feel that your current habits and lifestyle do not support your brain, you have to change it! If you need some motivation and guidance on how to better optimise your brain health, please JOIN our Facebook group called "High Performance Brain (health, brain and lifestyle discussion group)". We'd be honored to see you in the group and give you some more tips on how you can improve your brain's performance.


Hope to see you in the group :)šŸ‘‹




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