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Insulin resistance

Higher insulin resistance increases the risk of neurodegenerative diseases?


Insulin is a peptide secreted by the pancreas and plays an important role in the regulation of glucose metabolism. Research indicates that insulin affects the brain. There is a link between type 2 diabetes and memory impairment disorders such as Alzheimer's. Alzheimer’s disease development risk is increased by up to 60%in people with type-2 diabetes mellitus.


Insulin signaling has been found to be de-sensitized in the brains of patients that suffer from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Insulin is important for the growth and repair of neurons, therefore insulin desensitization can put neurons at risk from damage over time.


The improvement of insulin signaling can potentially lead to an improvement in key pathological markers of Alzheimer's disease such as cognition, memory, brain activity, and energy utilization.


You can improve your insulin sensitivity by:


✔️improving the quality of your diet

✔️losing weight

✔️reducing stress

✔️sleeping more

✔️drinking less alcohol


🧠HPB can help you adopt effective lifestyle changes that will help lower your insulin levels and reduce insulin resistance.


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