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The best treatment for Mental Health Problems?


Are You feeling a mix of emotions during Coronavirus? The prevalence of mental disorders is high and appears to be growing. 60 percent of Netherlands residents noticed that the coronavirus crisis had an effect on their mental health. Today we would like to discuss the most common types of mental health treatments because we want to improve your general well-being.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health treatment. The most popular treatment options include:

▪️Psychiatric hospitalization

▪️Inpatient or residential mental health treatment

▪️Outpatient mental health treatment



▪️Support groups


If you don't have easy access to these mental health options, you can still use complementary and alternative mental health treatment options like:

🔸good nutrition

🔸mindfulness training


🔸equine therapy





👉What do you do when you feel sad and depressed?

👉How do you elevate your mood?


📝Let us know in the comments, so other people can use your advice:)


If you struggle with mental health and would like to receive support from us, please JOIN our Facebook group called "High Performance Brain (health, brain and lifestyle discussion group)". We'd be honored to see you in the group and give you some more tips on how you can improve your health and wellbeing.


See you in the group :)👋




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