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How to work from home?

Everyone who works remotely due to current circumstances has to figure out:

šŸ‘‰when to work

šŸ‘‰where to work

šŸ‘‰how to create boundaries between work and personal life


Here are some tips for working from home:

āœ”ļøset your schedule and stick to it

āœ”ļøkeep a dedicated office space - don't work in the dining room or in the kitchen

āœ”ļømake sure that your workplace has good ergonomics

āœ”ļøcreate routines, especially morning routine

āœ”ļøschedule meetings with your co-workers, you can socialize via videoconference

āœ”ļøtry to create a state of flow

āœ”ļødon't forget about self-care, take regular breaks

āœ”ļøif you have children set clear boundaries what they are allowed to do and what they are forbidden to do while you're working

āœ”ļøif possible alternate shifts with your partner (for example you take care of your children in the morning and in the afternoon you switch)


Efficient work from home is possible if you can create an environment and take care of your self. Experiment and see what works best for you.


Let us know what are you struggling the most while working from homešŸ .



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