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Happy Women's Day

Wishing you a very happy Women's day 2020.šŸ’


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Did you know that:

šŸ‘‰females excel relative to males on tests that measure recollection

šŸ‘‰females are better at remembering whether objects had switched places or not

šŸ‘‰females perform better at verbal learning.

šŸ‘‰when looking at brain scans of female and male brains, there is no way to tell the brains apart.

šŸ‘‰the differences between male and female brains are more subtle but real: there are differences in the way our brains are wired. Womenā€™s brains tend to be more connected than menā€™s brains, and different quantities of chemicals/neurotransmitters travel into each brain


Unfortunately, women have an increased risk of many conditions that affect brain health. As compared to men, women have:

ā€”2x the risk of anxiety, depression

ā€”3x the risk of autoimmune disorders that attack the brain, like MS

ā€”4x the risk of headaches and migraines

ā€”increased risk of brain tumors

ā€”increased risk of dying from a stroke


Many women are not aware that Alzheimerā€™s attacks womenā€™s brains more than men: of every 3 Alzheimerā€™s patients, 2 are women.


ā€¼ļøA lot of women don't know what to look for and how to care for their health. If you're one of those females, please contact us. High Performance Brain consists of many health professionals who can help you in reaching your health goals. We believe in the power of preventive medicine:)


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