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Genetic Tests with Charissa Goldapple

Charissa Goldapple accepted our challenge and did her nutrigenetics test with High Performance Brain.


After DNA collection and within a maximum period of 3 weeks, it was time to evaluate the test results. The assessment was made by a multidisciplinary team that allows assessing the needs to optimize health in a preventive way according to the genetic information of each person.

- You dare to know what information is written in their genes that can impact on your health?

- Do you want to adapt your lifestyle to be healthier, more successful, more productive and happier?


This is a once lifetime investment that allows you to implement preventive health, which will help you to develop a healthy aging!


High Performance Brain challenges you to improve your health by collecting information based on your genetics, enabling you to find personalized prevention strategies in a multidisciplinary context.


Book your health assessment now via email geral@hpbrain.org!




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