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Fun facts about memory



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There are different types of memory and they are stored in various parts of the brain.


Memory can be divided into:

ā–ŖļøExplicit memory (events that happened to you, general facts and information)

ā–ŖļøImplicit memory (motor memories)


šŸ§ There are three areas of the brain involved in explicit memory: the hippocampus, the neocortex, and the amygdala.

šŸ§ There are two areas of the brain involved in implicit memory: the basal ganglia and the cerebellum.


Some fun facts about the BRAIN related to the memory:

šŸ‘‰Human brains are wired to organize communication processes into stories. You can use storytelling powers to remember information more easily.

šŸ‘‰Visuals have been found to improve learning.Ā  When words and visual elements are closely entwined, you can remember the presented information better.

šŸ‘‰Memory relies on your brain to ā€œfill in the gaps". This means that your brain can self-generate a false memory!

šŸ‘‰We remember better emotionally charged emotions. The same types of information can be stored more efficiently if it is coupled with an emotional event. That's why you still remember all the embarrassing moments from your childhood.


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