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Easy way to improve productivity

šŸ‘‰Do you want to double your productivity at work?


Let your brain relax.šŸ§ 


Productivity is one of the most important metrics and values in the workplaces around the world. Habits, moods, emotions, and physiological functioning can impact your productivity.


šŸ§ As a team of brain experts, we know that relaxation is essential to maintain a healthy balance for mind, body, and soul.


Relaxation is defined in psychology as the emotional state of a living being, of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal from sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear. This means that you should engage in activities that are not stimulating.


Relaxation can improve your problem-solving abilities, motivation and productivity.


relaxed mind = recharged mental clarity


āœļøWorking hard on your goals without stopping? Big mistake. You may believe that breaks are distracting, but in reality, moments of idleness can increase productivity at work. Studies show that people who work in 90-minute intervals are more productive then employers who don't take regular breaks.


āš ļøWhat techniques can you use for relaxation?

āœ”ļøpractice mindfulness

āœ”ļøtake your shoes off

āœ”ļølook at the pictures of nature

āœ”ļølisten to relaxing music

āœ”ļøtake a nap

āœ”ļøschedule vocations days


āœ”ļøread a book

āœ”ļøattend a yoga class


šŸ“„If you would like to improve your (or your employees' productivity), message us, so we can discuss how we could help you. We offer on-the-job training for companies as well.


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