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Does EXERCISE improve your COGNITION?



Many studies have been shown that Physical Exercise is induces structural and functional changes in the brain, determining enormous benefit on both cognitive functioning and wellbeing.


Also, it has been stated that it is also a protective factor for neurodegeneration.


Those studies included benefits in:

✔️Increases in grey matter volume;

✔️Increases in hippocampal regions;

✔️Reduced damage in the grey matter;

✔️Facilitation in the release of neurotrophic factors such as peripheral BDNF;

✔️Increases in blood flow;

✔️Improvements in cerebrovascular health;

✔️Benefits on glucose and lipid metabolism carrying “food” to the brain;

✔️Better verbal, perceptual and arithmetic results in children in comparison to sedentary ones of same age;

✔️Reduces the risk of developing dementia;

✔️Prevents cognitive decline linked to aging;

✔️Reduces the level of deterioration in executive functions;


In fact, neuroplasticity is an important feature of the nervous system, which can modify itself in response to experience, thus Physical Exercise should be considered as an enhancer environmental factor promoting neuroplasticity.


So…What are you waiting for to start your workout?



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