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Do you struggle with mental health?

šŸ‘‰Is it hard for you to admit that you struggle with MENTAL HEALTH?

šŸ™‹ā€ā™€ļø.When youā€™re depressed or you have anxiety, it is difficult to admit to your friends and family that youā€™re affected by mental illness..You probably fight with yourself, with your own thoughts. You feel weak, you like to blame yourself for your current situation.šŸ˜”.

ā–ŖļøYes, youā€™re affected by depression, itā€™s something that happened to you.

ā–ŖļøDEPRESSION does not DEFINE you..

šŸ‘‰Whatā€™s more important, depression is TREATABLE.

šŸ‘‰You can change your diet and lifestyle in order to improve your mood..I encourage you to take an action: go and see your doctor, see a therapist, look for some support groups in your area or contact brain experts who can help you optimise your brain health..

ā°Donā€™t waste your time..


āš ļøTHE SOONER YOU GET HELP, THE SOONER YOU START TO GET BETTER..Perhaps you need to take a break from your everyday life. Our retreat may be exactly what you need. During the retreat, we'll take a look at your health from a different perspective and we'll help you to restore harmony and balance to your life.


The retreat will take place on WEEKEND FROM NOVEMBER 28 TO DECEMBER 1 in Portugal.


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