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Dental anxiety

šŸ‘‰How to overcome DENTAL FEAR?


āœ…Share your fears with your dentist

āœ…Bring someone you trust to the appointment

āœ…Establish hand signals that will help you to communicate with the dentist

āœ…Focus of breathing during procedure, count your breaths

āœ…Visualise yourself in your happy place

āœ…Listen to music on your headphones

āœ…Squeeze stress ball or play with fidget spinner




At HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAIN we do not neglect your feelings of dental anxiety. If youā€™re SCARED of the dentist and youā€™re living in the Netherlands, we have a great news for youšŸ˜Š


One of the team members, Catarina, is a dentist specialised in treatment of children and anxious patients.


šŸ“žSoon, you will be able to BOOK your appointment with CATARINA.


ā“Do you have some more tips for anxious people? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!


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