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COVID-19 and stress

šŸ¤ÆThe coronavirus outbreak causes a lot of stress and anxiety. We will have to deal with distress and mental health problems that will increase within the next weeks and months.


šŸ§ Uncertainty and unfamiliarity lead to more stress in the brain. When an outcome is certain (even when it's unpleasant but certain), we can find more ways of coping with it than when it is uncertain which leads to a peakin our stress levels.


COVID-19 is causing a large amount of uncertainty for the future. Elderly, teens and people who have struggled with their mental health in the past are definitely ore susceptible to stress.


How can you deal with stress?

āœ”ļøturn on your parasympathetic nervous system by practicing deep breathing

āœ”ļøspend more time with animals

āœ”ļølimit your exposure to news and social media; if you want to stay up to date just check credible websites once or twice a day

āœ”ļøgive yourself permission to sleep longer and take as much rest as you need to

āœ”ļøtry to stay in touch with your family and friends

āœ”ļøkeep your mind busy by engaging in creative activities like drawing, colouring, cooking



ā—ļøLet us kno what are your favourite ways to cope with stress!



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