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Chia pudding recipe with cashews and blueberries

Real brain food!šŸ§ 


Do you want to improve your brain's performance through nutrition, but you don't know how? Use our recipes to feed our brain what it needs.


Your brain is going to love this recipe because it has:

āœ”ļøchia seeds- resent study showed that compounds extracted from chia seeds could lower the inflammatory activity of brain immune cells called microglia

āœ”ļøblueberries -randomized, blind controlled studies in humans (elderly people and children) also demonstrated improved memory after blueberry supplementation

āœ”ļøcinnamon - merely smelling cinnamon can improve performance several types of memory tasks



āœ…1 cup of cashews soaked overnight

āœ…2 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries

āœ…2-4 cups of water (depending on the thickness you want to obtain)

āœ…4 tbsp of chia seeds

āœ…1 tsp Vanilla extract

āœ…1 tsp cinnamon


ā–ŖļøRinse the cashews and place them in the blender.

ā–ŖļøAdd water to the blender (as much or as little as you would like depending on thickness desired).

ā–ŖļøBlend until smooth.

ā–ŖļøPour into the bowl, and add chia seeds, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

ā–ŖļøMix well and then leave for 1 hour (if you prefer it as a summer dessert, place it in the fridge)

ā–ŖļøServe with blueberries.


Makes 3 servings.


In total: 1148 kcal

ā–«ļøProtein: 32g

ā–«ļøCarbohydrates: 112g

ā–«ļøNet carbs: 81g

ā–«ļøFat: 72g


Bon appetit!šŸ¤¤


šŸ‘‰Follow us for more brain-boosting recipes prepared by neuro-nutritionist!


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