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Brain and lucid dreaming

Have you ever controlled your dreams?


šŸ’¤In lucid dreams, the dreamer realizes they are dreaming even as they remain asleep. In some cases, the dreamer may even gain control over a part of the dream.


šŸ§ The key difference between a non-lucid dream and a lucid one is the prefrontal cortex switches on. Brain activity in the frontal region of the brain lights up when a dreamer reaches lucidity. Theprefrontal cortex lets us make logical decisions, reason, and self-reflect. The brain area associated with self-reflection is subsequently larger in lucid dreamers.


šŸ‘‰The easiest tips on how to start lucid dreaming:

āœ”ļøKeep a dream journal.

āœ”ļøMeditate before sleep. Meditating has been shown to lead to more lucid dreams.

āœ”ļøDonā€™t drink alcohol in the evening. It negatively impacts sleep quality.

āœ”ļøEat foods rich in vitamin B6. You can also take 240mg of vitamin B6 before going to bed. People that are low in certain vitamins, like vitamin B6, tend to have poor dream recall.


šŸ‘‰There are techniques that can reliably increase someoneā€™s likelihood of a lucid dream-like:

āœ”ļøMILD technique

āœ”ļøcount your fingers as a reality check

āœ”ļøWILD technique


The majority of us have experienced at least one lucid dream in our lifetime.

Let us know in the comments section if you had a lucid dream!


šŸ“„If you have any questions related to sleep, sleep disorders, please message us!




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