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Physiotherapy and Sports

The practice of sports and post-injury recovery seeks to enhance the abilities of athletes and practitioners of physical exercise. For this, it will be an asset to know the characteristics of the subject beforehand.


Learn more about your genetics regarding susceptibility to:

1. Fatty acids

2. Allergies

3. Behavioral changes, such as impulsivity and social anxiety disorder

4. Amino acids

5. Antioxidants/ Supplements

6. Cancer

7. Personal characteristics, such as leadership ability, stimulation of caffeine, resistance, resistance to fatigue, manual dexterity, energy production, among others

8. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

9. Metabolic disorders

10. Genetic and neurodegenerative diseases

11. Pain sensitivity

12. Aging

13. Predisposition for different sports

14. Hormones

15. Hormonal system

16. Chronic inflammation

17. Injuries

18. Skin

19. Weight




The value includes the collection of the DNA sample, the test and respective report, and the analysis of the test results to define the therapeutic protocol to be presented to the patient in consultation.


If you combine 1 panel: 500€ + VAT

If you combine between 2 and 5 panels of your choice: €697 + VAT

If you combine between 6 and 10 panels of your choice: €989 + VAT

Genetic Testing: Physiotherapy and Sports

  • This amount already includes 21% VAT.

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