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Would you like to know your DNA to know your physical potential?


We will learn what your genes say that there is no athletic performance test on:

  • Maximum athletic potential - Assess the level of training intensity, recovery needs, maximum VO2, propulsion of soft tissue injuries, etc.


This genetic test analyzes the DNA to evaluate 43 genetic variants of 33 genes. It is 99% accurate and only needs to be done once in a lifetime. This test identifies the athletic genetic profile in order to inform about the athletic potential, as well as preventive measures and needs. The recommendations provided in the report can be used to guide you and your trainer to optimize your training plan. Comprehensive areas: explosive strength, endurance, resilient strength, VO2max, propensity for injuries, recovery needs, energy replacement needs, muscle gain.




This genetic test analyzes your DNA to become healthier. With this test, we can also assess your level of health and define a healthier lifestyle, providing an increase at a higher level of your health.


Take this assessment and improve your brain health and, as a result, your overall health.


Take advantage of the PROMOTION online and order a NUTRIGENETIC TEST for € 199 instead of € 289.


Place an order on our website ( or send an email directly to

Athletic Performance Test

€ 252,89Price

    1.Buy the test

    2.We send the collect kit for you by postmail

    3.You collect your DNA and send the sample to us by postmail

    4.We send you the report in 15 work days by email


    Take advantage of the online PROMOTION and order a NUTRIGENETIC TEST for 199€ instead of 289€.

    Place order on our website ( or by email directly to

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