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Would you like to predict the response of some medication?


Did you know that you can customize the medicine prescription more safely, more effectively and with a better cost-benefit for the treatment?


This genetic test analyzes your DNA with the aim of evaluating 88 variants in 32 genes, associated with the response and / or the risk of adverse effects of more than 100 drugs with an impact in therapeutic areas such as Psychiatry, Pain Management, Oncology, Diabetes and Cardiovascular. Additionally, it assesses variations in the number of copies of the CYP2D6 gene, taking into account the presence of hybrid alleles with the CYP2D7 gene.


Important warning

This genetic test was developed to be used as a working tool by your doctor or healthcare professional. The results obtained may guide the definition of personalized therapy, always focusing on increasing the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as reducing the risk of experiencing adverse effects.

The performance of this test, as well as the results obtained, cannot be used as a substitute for medical professional advice and treatment. The genetic results of this test do not depend on the physical, clinical or therapeutic condition used by the individual tested.

Pharmacogenic Test

  • shipping costs of 15 €.

  • This amount already includes 21% VAT.

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