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Polyphenols beneficially affect human brain function.

Consumption of dietary polyphenols derived from fruit, vegetables, and other plant-derived foods may confer a number of health benefits, including to cardiovascular and brain function.


To the most powerful polyphenols include:

Cocoa Flavanols


Ginkgo Flavonols

Green Tea Catechins



Polyphenols have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and they affect several cellular pathways which mean that they exert a pleiotropic effect.


Potential Health Effects of Polyphenols:

may protect against Alzheimer's-like diseases and dementia

may prevent systemic and/or localized inflammation

may neutralize free radicals and decrease cancer risk

flavonoids and resveratrol may block cholesterol oxidation

polyphenolic compounds are associated with both the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes

are associated with anti-obesogenic effects


Do you know what is the best part of polyphenols? That it’s so easy to incorporate more of them into your diet. So don’t hesitate and add some berries to your oatmeal and enjoy a square of dark chocolate with your coffee.






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